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To you the Dreamer

22 years ago, I left corporate Australia, because I had a dream of becoming a speaker.

I was an Activated Life Long Learner and had been activated at 25 years of age by my spiritual teacher and coach.

I am now 53 years of age and want to show you my journey and how to do it easily and quickly with me beside as your guide.

When I left my J O B, I wrote a biography of what I wanted to become.  I still use that biography today.  It’s the one that starts with:
“Katrena is one of the brightest minds in training and coaching today……” 
I wrote it, I lived it, and then I became it.  You too, will write something audacious.  I promise, you too, will grow into it. 
More about how to make magic happen in your business, throughout our journey together.

I encourage you to write your biography, of what you want to become, so that I know when my training has worked, and you have fully stepped into that vision of yourself.

I remember, looking up at those people on the stage and thinking, I want to be like you.  I remember feeling, somewhere deep down, that I could do that.  I remember feeling scared, anxious, doubting myself and being a little jealous of their lifestyle and freedom.

Make a pact with yourself and trust that you didn’t come across me for no reason.

I believe that I am meant to help people, do what I do.  I want to help you become business savvy and live a life of freedom as an author, international speaker, trainer, coach, mentor, facilitator and consultant.

There is no better feeling than being up there on stage, in front of a group of people and teaching.  It is the best natural high on the planet.  I can be buzzing for days afterwards.

I love to inspire, motivate and kick people up the bum and get them moving into action.  I will get you there, you just have to make the first leap.  I will hold you, push you and pull you up the rest of the way.

I have endless energy, because I am doing what I love.  So tap into that.

I have lots to share with you about your business and your personal brand.

You and I will end up as friends, confidants, business associates and strategic partners.  I will give you everything I’ve got to make your dreams a reality and to ensure you get out of your own way, when needed.

Call anytime to discuss.  If you have a partner, I am also happy for them to talk with me about getting their questions answered as well.  This type of investment in time and money, requires the support and understanding of your significant other. 

I look forward to working with you and having lots of laughs along the way.  One of my philosophies is, it has got to be FUN otherwise don’t bother!

I believe teaching for a living, is the best job in the world.  Low overheads, high returns, working from anywhere, travel the world, people pay your expenses and at the end of everyday, people applaud you and want you to sign their book and take a photo with you.  What other job delivers all that without any of the hassles of being famous?

Stop hiding, step up and become the expert.  It is time to shine.

With Love & Light

Katrena is your Intuitive Business Activator for when you are ready to step into your Genius.


This is where Katrena will be pouring her heart, soul and spirit into her insights, teachings and guidance on consciousness, energy, the masculine and feminine energy, mastering sales and marketing, intuition, manifestation, spiritual awakening, neuro science, archetypal mastery, create Quantum flight in your business, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit.


Katrena started her coaching business after a miscarriage in January of 2000.  Having forked out $30,000 to a coaching company who, as it turned out had nothing.  Now, with a debt of $30,000 and no more money to her name she combined her background running multi-million dollar events, having sold millions of dollars in training and coaching for others, with her decades of studying in the laws of the universe, intuition and neuro science, using no sales funnels or paid marketing she began.  Her success teaching others her secrets has led her to create Becoming the Expert and to dedicate herself to activating spiritual and intuitive entrepreneurs into their own million dollar message and movement.


This program contains Katrena's leading-edge insights on all things business and spirituality, metaphysics, sales and marketing, true awakening, super-consciousness and energetic mastery.


Katrena's free discovery session allows you to taste and experience her gift in action as she applies her magic to your dreams, goals, needs, and vision so you can create a business based on your life purpose, aligned with your soul purpose and based on your blueprint for happiness not someone else's view on success.


Unlike other programs, you actually work with Katrena and get Katrena directly. 


You won't work with some volunteer, trainee coach, or virtual assistant, it is all Katrena. 


Every call, every text, every zoom, every workshop, everything is you and Katrena . 


This is unusual, in a time of delegation, social media groups, where you are expected to be mentored by others on the program, no sign of the expert you originally connected with. 


Experts today, seem to want to get away from you as much as possible.  Get as far away from you and live their life of freedom and lifestyle without being bothered by their clients. 




In other words, they don't really care about you or want to reduce your struggle on things you don't need to struggle with.


Katrena believes that at this phase in the journey you need support.  Actual hands-on help and support.  You need to be hand-held through the startup phase.  You need a confidant on call.  You need advice on all matters.  You need a sounding board on all your ideas so you can save time, money, effort. 


By paying for the year ahead, you get an on-call executive coach, business mentor, business manager and someone that knows your story, the business plan, and your personal requirements from start to finish.


Katrena challenges you to find a program with more value. 


You won't find anything like this program anywhere else on offer in the world.  It is a unique opportunity. 


The aim is for you not to have to do individual programs on each aspect of your business including:


  1. Strategy Consultant to design your Business Model

  2. Consultant to design your signature program and draw out your philosophy unique to you

  3. Financial Business Consultant to design your Business Plan with Financial Planning (Budget and Forecasting)

  4. Write your Book Training and Mentoring

  5. Marketing Expert + SEO Training

  6. PR Consultant

  7. Graphic Designer to design your branding

  8. Website Designer

  9. Social Media Trainer

  10. How to learn to design keynote presentations and become a Speaker training

  11. How to train, coach, mentor, facilitate and consult Training

  12. Sales Skills Design and Process Training


What would that all cost to learn?

What would it cost in time?

Would you be able to afford someone to do it for you?


All that and more is included in your training with Katrena


Here is what her last group of clients, say about Katrena:


"You have been my never-ending lucky dip.  Every time you give me a gift of knowledge, love or light you present me with the next gift of magic in your big bag of love and gifts.  I am so grateful to know you and I feel so inspired every time you share.  I know how amazing you are.  Thank you for sharing your grace."  With love Suzanna


"My Star Sister!  How my soul sings that I have found you.  You have given up much to come to this planet and help humanity.  You are a leader here and off-world.  They are watching.  They are waiting.  They will rejoice to be reunited with you one day.  You have completed my heart."  Always love Donna


"Thank you for your energy, your light, and your love.  You radiate generosity, curiosity, kindness, and support.  You remind me that we all have the inner power to achieve anything that we choose to do.  Your child-like and playful love is received and I thank you.  Your love is unconditional.  Thank you for being you."  Christine


"You are an amazing guide for me with so much awareness and wisdom.  You provide clarity with getting your message across with such soul.  Your ability to be open and totally who you are with all the light and shade.  Your humour is like a burst of sunshine that lights my soul."  Leanne

"I love your grace and humility.  I love seeing how much knowledge and wisdom emanates from you.  I love your beauty inside and out.  I love your humorous side, your loving and caring side, your professionalism and seeing your child-like tendencies and I love your integrity."  Fiona


"From the very first time I meet you, saw you, and felt you, I knew you would be in my life forever.  I feel your heart, I feel your friendship and I feel your love.  Thank you for believing in me and for showing me my new path."  In Heart Kelly

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