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What's Next Webinar with Celia Barsby and Katrena Friel
Discover Your Purpose and Build Your Dream Business

Are you asking how to make the most of all the training and certificates you have collected?

Well, this is the webinar for you.

Do you feel lost and unsure about what you should be doing with your life and business?


Are you struggling to uncover your soul's purpose and unique expression in the world?


If so, you're not alone.


Many women find themselves in this position, but the good news is that there is a solution.


We have created a transformational webinar called “What’s Next?” and we would love you to join us.


This webinar is designed for women who want to uncover their soul's purpose AND learn how to turn it into a thriving business. Led by Celia and Katrena, you'll get step-by-step guidance on how to create a business plan that's unique to you and aligns with what lights you up.


Whether you're just starting out or you've been struggling to make progress, we'll guide you through each step and help you build your dream business.


Celia is a Creative Visionary who will create a safe space for you to connect to your own wisdom and discover what is possible for you. Katrena has been a Business Mentor for over 25 years, enabling people to just start up their businesses and get on with bringing their unique gifts to the world in 90 days.


Come along and get absolute clarity on your one easy next step.


It's time to stop making excuses and start taking action -  action aligned with your soul’s purpose.


Register now for this life-changing webinar. You won't want to miss it!

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Introducing yourFacilitators

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2nd July 2023
5am till 7am Sydney time

Katrena's energy and expressive approach will challenge your behaviours, beliefs and thinking. Known for her practical, pragmatic approach, she has been described as highly dynamic, spirited and empathic. Recognised as an international expert in professional performance excellence, her purpose is to transform, uplift and be a laser beam of focus. Katrena has shared her message of invigoration, and spirit of transformation for over 20 years.

This masterclass is for you if


Celia Barsby is a Creative Visionary and now your personal Cosmic Soul Guide. Celia is a maker, creator and teacher since the age of 7.

Celia creates a safe space for women seeking inner joy and connection to their own wisdom.  So you can find your passion for living in creative flow with the Universe and recalibrate your life so that it becomes vibrant and magical, full of self-discovery and purpose.

Discover what lights you up and see what is possible for you.

You will receive your Soul Resources on your journey.  Your Soul Structures will be revealed to you in a powerful and fun, creative ways through various transformational tools, enabling you to reclaim your soul’s purpose so you can flourish and grow.

Come weave with Celia at your Soul’s Garden Party.  Step through the rickety gate of your Creative Heart Space and open your pathways into your Soul’s Magical Garden.

Discover how to POSITION | PACKAGE | PRICE yourself in your Field of Excellence.

In this 2-hour FREE LIVE Webinar, we will take you through Becoming the Expert Business Planning and Strategic Development for your Personal Brand Business with 7 streams of income.

You will:

  • Uncover your Blueprint for Happiness and build a business aligned with your values.

  • Learn how to run a dual strategy and fearlessly build your business

  • Discover how to launch a new profitable business that feeds your soul.

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Thanks for registering for the webinar. See you there!


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