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2 About Katrena Friel

Throughout the course of my life and career, my name has become synonymous with transformation, learning and fun.

This has led me to be recognised as an international expert in personal and professional performance excellence.

My purpose in life is to transform, uplift and be a laser beam of focus.

I’ve been sharing my message of invigoration and spirit of transformation for over 25 years. It’s my invitation to you today to explore and discover a place of learning, daring and doing.

This is your home for the next stage in your journey.

My aim is for you to experience an extraordinary career which is full, deep, and richly fulfilling.

I want you to LOVE the adventure of your career and experience life as a continuous miracle.

This program is a playground of inspiration and transformation for you. Discover an expanding world of learning and conscious leadership. Your first coaching session starts now and together we will create brand-new refreshing results in your career | life | business.


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