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15 Your Biography

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The expression from your life’s journey is a story to be told for inspiration.

Every being, carries a story of hope for others.

When you are writing your story, call it your biography in business. You only need to look on LinkedIn or a program at a conference, listing all the speakers, to see loads of biographies.

You are now going to write your story.

We want you to be aspirational. What will your business look like in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, write that biography. Write your future self. This allows you to get out of your own way and gets rid of the ego, so you can hear your higher self talk.

Please don’t write your biography from a place of humble, modesty.

Most clients have a real issue with this exercise, because they are so humble and modest and that is what keeps them starving. You don’t need to own what you write straight away, but you will grow into it. You’ll eventually be able to stand in your own personal power, I promise.

Remember you might feel uncomfortable, that’s fine, go with it. The funny thing about this exercise is you grow into whatever you write. It’s magic and it’s a magical process.

To get started, go online and find 3 biographies that you love, from people in your field of excellence or from outside your industry. Use these as inspiration to get you started.

Start by copying and pasting them all into a word document and change them to suit you, make them true for you.

Write something amazing that makes your heart race. You might even find, that you cry. If that happens call me, and I’ll explain what just happened.

Here is an example of my biography, for you to use as a template, if you want to.

Example 1


Business Coach for the Conscious | Business Mentor to the Awakened

International Speaker | Award Winning Trainer and Author

For those that want to become an Expert in their Field of Excellence, through 7 streams of income including:

“ International Key Note Speaker

“ Award Winning Author and #1 Best Seller)

“ Trainer | Facilitator

“ Coach | Mentor

“ Consultant

While it took 20 years to develop this program, it will only take Katrena 120 days to setup for you and hit the ground running.

Katrena Friel provides a customised, very individual solution for you to build the business of your dreams, make you a superstar in your field of excellence, while ensuring we address specific emotional challenges, woman face in business.

Katrena Friel is a master in public speaking, entrepreneurial leadership, business strategy, helping her clients craft their unique message, incorporating business development, while becoming a best-selling author, and ensure can facilitate transformational retreats and events around the world, just like Katrena has done for over 2 decades.

Discover how to become an expert in your field of excellence and make your soul purpose a reality.

Come along and receive your FREE Business Strategy Session to discuss your secret dreams with someone that can make them a reality.

Katrena is the "HOW" you have been waiting for.

Example 2

Katrena Friel is one of the brightest minds in training, coaching and corporate consulting today.

She is an award winning author, international speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach.

She incorporates three key aspects, one being life-transforming skills, professional development programs as well as professional coaching and mentoring for those that are great and seeking excellence.

For over 25 years, Katrena has worked across every industry, specialising in people development. Her sound knowledge of business, plus her ability to put ideas into action through planning, training and development ensures her client's success.

She has contributed to the success of thousands of companies and guided tens of thousands of people inspiring them to their next level of development.

She holds formal qualifications in Training, Business, Management, Advertising, PR and Marketing and is a Master Practitioner and Trainer the Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Katrena's life purpose is to offer unique solutions that develop creativity, leadership and communication skills for a leap frog effect in people's lives.

Katrena's promise to you is to refresh your thinking and her favourite testimonial came from this CEO.

"Well, What can I say – The pleasure was all mine. I always had my transformer plugged in but you just turned the power on and gave me a good jolt of 240 volts. I love it."

Example 3

Katrena is an international keynote speaker, fully qualified corporate trainer, executive coach, award winning author and business mentor.

Katrena's energy and expressive approach will energise and challenge behaviours, beliefs and thinking.

Known for her practical, pragmatic approach, she has been described as highly dynamic, spirited and empathic.

Katrena is an expert in personal and professional development, helping people escape their current thinking in an express format. With people reporting that they learnt more about themselves and others, than they have in the last 20 years.

Katrena will enable you to have a giant leap forward in your evolution and ensure you become an expert in your field of excellence.

Her aim is to INSPIRE – ALIGN – ACTIVATE. You will walk away feeling refreshed, empowered, confident that you have a new deep understanding of your capability, more assured around how to add more value and guarantee your future, with an increased sense of self belief and self value.

For those companies that value honesty, growth, credibility, expertise, experience and authenticity, then Katrena will Refresh your Thinking.

By editing and editing it, down and down and down into 2-3 paragraphs you can really start to see the essence of who you are and why your avatar is going to be attracted to you and your business.

No time for the tall poppy syndrome here, during this exercise. It’s time for you to shine like the Super Star you are.

Start to sparkle, own who you are. Stand in your light and hold the light for others. Illuminate the way, because if not you, then WHO? If not now, then WHEN?

What right do you have, not to shine your light?

Chances of being here in this moment, at this time, is not 4 billion to one, it’s ZERO.




So, you better switch on and start your process of illuminating others into their light.












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