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FREE Masterclass: Embrace yourself as the EXPERT

Here is the recording of the latest masterclass for September 2022.

The video includes the first 5 steps in the process, including SWOT, Vision, Mission, Strategies, and Values Exercises.


Find Meaning and Purpose in Your Work Again

It is time to embrace yourself as the EXPERT

Discover a place of daring and doing. Our aim is for you to experience an extraordinary career which is impactful, meaningful and fulfilling.

We want you to love the adventure of your career.

This masterclass will be a playground of inspiration and motivation to take you to the next level.

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You have reached a point of complete shutdown.

  • You are exhausted emotionally and physically.

  • Going to work has become something you dread.

  • You want to learn to find hope and thrive again.

  • You yearn for freedom and long for a better lifestyle where you are in control of your time.

Discover how to
yourself in your Field of Excellence.

In this 90-minute FREE Masterclass, we will take you through Becoming the Expert Business Planning and Strategic Development for your Personal Brand Business with 7 streams of income.

You will:

  • Uncover your Blueprint for Happiness and build a business aligned to your values.

  • Learn how to run a dual strategy and fearlessly build your business while you still have your corporate job.

  • Discover how to launch a new profitable business that feeds your soul.


Next step is to book your

to go through your homework together.

See you then.

Katrena Friel


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