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Unlocking Personal Brand Power | Katrena Friel | TBCY

S5 E440 Katrena Friel, Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor, Personal Branding Expert

00:35- About Katrena Friel

00:45- Tell me about your journey in brief, and how you coped with two burnouts before you were 25.

02:03- Tell me what inspired you to become a coach and focus on this segment.

03:47- What in your view, are some of the common challenges new entrepreneurs face?

05:13- How does the DONE4U format uniquely position new entrepreneurs to succeed in today's market?

06:35- What role does emotional intelligence play in the success of a new entrepreneur?

08:53- What is the importance of creating seven streams of income, and how do you guide your clients to achieve this?

11:57- Can you talk about your Becoming the Expert Programme, which you customise to fit the individual needs of your clients?

13:31- What are the first steps in developing a strong personal brand for entrepreneurs?

15:32- What are some common mistakes you have seen people make when it comes to building their brand?

17:24- What in your view is the role of networking, when you're building one's brand?

19:18- How important is storytelling in personal branding, and how can someone craft a compelling compelling narrative?

20:44- What is your advice for someone struggling to differentiate their brand in a very crowded and saturated market?

In this episode of The Brand Called You, Katrena Friel, a keynote speaker, author, mentor, and personal branding expert, delves into her inspiring journey, overcoming burnouts at a young age and pivoting towards a purpose-driven career. She shares her expertise in coaching and mentoring corporate executives transitioning into entrepreneurship, guiding them through common challenges and emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence. Katrena also unveils her unique "DONE4U" approach and the seven streams of income model, empowering individuals to establish a robust personal brand business. Additionally, she highlights the significance of personal branding, storytelling, and differentiation strategies in a crowded market, offering invaluable insights for both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike.

About Katrena Friel

Katrena Friel is a keynote speaker, author, mentor, and personal branding expert.

She also had over 25 years of experience as a business mentor.

She has multiple certifications and awards in training and development, leadership and management, and organisational effectiveness.

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