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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

This is where we design our mission. Now the VISION is what you share with the World. The MISSION is internal and private to you inside your business.

What would make it all worthwhile and give you joy and excited to deliver, in terms of revenue, products and services? What is your heart’s desire for your business? Bear in mind it is just between you and your business.

The vision you designed in the previous section is something you would have on your website. It is public and most businesses are open about their vision. Your mission is different. It is private and internal (inside your business). It is the internal goal, that is why we want to see a revenue figure.

The revenue goal for your business would be private and of no interest to your clients but without revenue our business wouldn’t exist.

Without sustainable revenue streams, we have no cash flow, which means we can’t afford to be in business. So, getting comfortable with revenue expectations is important. This will give you a sense of activity within your business.

A Mission Statement defines your overarching business goal.

Developing your business’s first mission statement, or writing a new or revised one, is your opportunity to define your businesses goals, ethics, culture, and norms for decision-making.

It defines what the business does for its clients, its stakeholders (employees and suppliers) and it defines what the business does for YOU as its owner.

Some of the best mission statements also extend themselves to include fourth and fifth dimensions: what the business does for its community, and for the world.

Have a go, using this template we have prepared for you.

Here is an example to help make this easy.

To create a sustainable

Global business education platform

that delivers

Year 1 | $200,000 | 2020/21

Year 2 | $400,000 | 2021/22

Year 3 | $1,000,000 | 2022/23


books | ebooks, key note speaking, training events (Including retreats and workshops), coaching | mentoring, mastermind groups, online programs and affiliate programs.


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