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PODCAST: The future is female, with Katrena Friel

Updated: Sep 5, 2019


Ask Katrena Friel her vision of the future and she pulls no punches. “The future will be ruled by women,” she tells Elise Stevens. And she should know.

Katrena’s career has taken her in plenty of different directions, but her ultimate calling has been coaching and mentoring women to find truly fulfilling careers.

After four years in her dream role running major events , conferences and exhibitions, Katrena had a miscarriage. Despite not wanting to have children, the rollercoaster of discovering she was pregnant and then realising it was not to be, completely shifted her world view. She resigned from her job, and invested $30,000 in a coaching and mentoring organisation.

Before long though, she realised her investment had been a huge mistake. Her big career move had just cost her and her husband tens of thousands of dollars. But the lesson it taught her about herself was far more valuable.


If it’s hard to get out of bed now, it’s only going to get harder.

The value of delivering more than what’s expected of you. Why women only reach their career peak after 40. The lies women tell themselves and how it shapes their careers. Why women rule the world. The true meaning of life-long learning. Why perfectionism is killing your career. The value of doing it – rather than just talking about it.


Katrena’s life purpose is to offer unique solutions that develop creativity, leadership and communication skills for a leap frog effect in people’s lives.

She specialises in keynote speaking, training and development, coaching and mentoring. She is an award-winning author, international speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach.

For more than 25 years, Katrena has worked across every industry, specialising in people development. Her sound knowledge of business, plus her ability to put ideas into action through planning, training and development ensures her clients’ success.

She holds formal qualifications in Training, Business, Management, Advertising, PR and Marketing and is a Master Practitioner and Trainer the Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

You can connect with Katrena on LinkedIn or check out her website Refresh Your Thinking.

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