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WEBINAR: MAD Juice - Deep Conversations Series: Episode #8 Madelaine & Katrena Friel

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Join me in a series of conversations with people that live their truth! This conversation is with 2 time #1 Best selling author Katrena Friel. Katrena is an expert in personal and professional performance and thrives on lifting others to excellence.

Find more information about Katrena by visiting

Listen to this fascinating conversation and get inspired to taking positive action towards your ideal life! ABOUT Mad Juice- The Conversation Series: MAD Juice is a project by Madelaine Vallin aimed to give a voice to amazing people living their truth. The focus is mainly on entrepreneurs, visionaries and/or creatives that live inspiring lives with strong missions. They are heart-centred, authentic and not afraid to act and has a great a vision to make a difference in the world.

This conversation series will be deep, real and unedited unless as I want them to be completely honest and raw. We will talk about living your truth and what that means to you. The aim for these conversations is to feature not just the "successes" but the "failures" we life hands us when we live our mission. If you want to take part in this series contact Madelaine at and tell us about your mission for good.

ABOUT MADELAINE: Madelaine Vallin is a Mindset Expert and runs a Boutique HypnoCoaching Service specialising in Life & Business Coaching and Consulting for Creatives, Visionaries and Entrepreneurs. For More Info on Madelaine visit:

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