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For those that want to become an Expert in their Field of Excellence, through 7 streams of income:


  • International Key Note Speaker

  • Award Winning Author (#1 Best Seller)

  • Trainer

  • Executive Coach

  • Business Mentor

  • Consultant

  • Expert Facilitator


While it took Katrena 20 years to develop this program, it will only take you 90-120 days to setup.

Katrena Friel offers programs in Business Coaching for the Conscious.  She is the Business Mentor to the Awakened. Providing a customised, very individual solution for you to build the business of your dreams, make you a superstar in your field of excellence, while ensuring we address your specific spiritual and emotional challenges you face in business.

Katrena Friel is a master in public speaking, entrepreneurial leadership, business strategy, helping her clients craft their unique message, incorporating spiritual development, while becoming a best-selling author, and ensure you then can facilitate transformational retreats and events around the world, just like Katrena has done for over 2 decades.


Discover how to become an expert in your field of excellence and make your soul purpose a reality. 


Organise your No Obligation FREE Business Strategy Session here to discuss your secret dreams with someone that can make them a reality.  Katrena is the "HOW" you have been waiting for.

The biggest trend in the business world at the moment is to produce a book of your own. It’s become mainstream and is almost an expectation of being in business. To some extent, having your own book has been put up on a pedestal as the ‘saving grace’ to your business. As if, once you have a book the money will come, the people will come and everything just flows easily from there. But that raises the question then, that if having a book solves everything…. Why do Authors and Coaches starve? Katrena Friel from Becoming The Expert is interviewed about why Authors and in turn, coaches who publish their own books, starve, why this happens and most importantly, what you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

Ingrid Bayer | VA Institute

Ingrid is now in her 3rd program.  In the first year we did her first book and in the 2nd year we did her 2nd book.  We just recently came back from LA together.  I am now working with her co-creating the VA Summit National Roadshow.  I consider myself a confidant, mentor and friend to Ingrid.  She refers business to me all the time.  From the logo, to her original website, to her book covers, to her business model, Ingrid certainly has become the expert in her field of excellence now working on her 3rd and 4th book in 2020. www.vainstitute.com.au

Did you find the program beneficial for your business? 


The program is THE REASON for my business, so I definitely found it incredibly beneficial.  Katrena has this amazing skill of being able to work with you to identify what you really want to do, and then help you encapsulate that into a business - and launch it all for you!  


Did you feel you could still put your own, personal stamp on it, even though she was guiding you through the process?


Yes, it was ALL ME with her amazing guidance!


Did you feel she calmed you enough when needed, but also pushed you enough when needed?


Katrena was a great resource and sounding board for me (and still is), helping me to work through challenges and see 'the wood for the trees'.  I would have never had the courage to get up and speak in front of groups of people if it wasn't for Katrena.  

Did you manage the financial goals she predicted for your business?


We worked on financial goals and I have doubled them.  In fact, if we're talking about ROI, I got it back 20 times over :-)

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Fiddly Things

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International Speaker | Award Winning Author | Business Mentor


Katrena Friel acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land, we acknowledge the Darkinjung people of the Central Coast of NSW Australia nation and that the land we work on was never ceded. 

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