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Interview with Katrena and Clive Enever

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The biggest trend in the business world at the moment is to produce a book of your own, but as Katrena Friel of Becoming the Expert explains, authoring a book is just one part of the journey to success, not the actual end-game.

In this podcast, Katrena shares her insight into why coaches and authors starve and how they can avoid falling into this trap.

Three key areas discussed in this podcast include:

  • Why it’s important in business to have a variety of income streams.

  • Why 99 per cent of authors in Australia make no money.

  • Why the majority of coaches don’t make any money either and how to flip that and add income streams to your book and coaching as a strategy.

Katrena Friel offers business coaching for the conscious, providing customised, individual solutions to help her clients build the business of their dreams. Her aim is to make business operators superstars in their field of excellence while ensuring the emotional challenges faced in business are addressed.

Katrena is a master in public speaking, entrepreneurial leadership, and business strategy, helping her clients craft their unique message and become experts in their field of excellence.

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