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PODCAST: How to become the Expert in your Field of Excellence

Katrena Friel of Refresh Your Thinking, is an international speaker, award winning two time number 1 best selling author of 4 books and start up strategy expert for those that want to be successful Speakers, Authors, Trainers, Coaches, Mentors, Consultants and Facilitators in their field of excellence. She joins Enterprise Radio to discuss becoming the “expert” in your field of excellence.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Katrena Friel discuss the following:

  • Why do most authors and coaches starve and struggle in business?

  • What can you do in 90 days to turn a small business or start up around?

  • What do start ups do wrong in the first few years?

  • How long have you been working with people?

  • How do you save small businesses time and money?

While it took me 15 years to develop this program, it will only take you 90 days to implement.We create an opportunity for people to become speakers, trainers, coaches and mentors, authors, facilitators, consultants in their field of interest and expertise. We create a sustainable business for you to develop your own personal brands and launch out into the world as the expert and authority in your field.

At Refresh your Thinking we support Creative, Courageous Thought Leaders to fulfill their vision.  Katrena Friel delivers an innovative and powerful program that allow you to walk away with absolute clarity.

Katrena Friel is an expert with over 25 years of experience in understanding business and people and what makes them tick.  She ensures you save time, money and struggle.  So if you want to be INSPIRED, ALIGNED and ACTIVATED, then call Katrena on +61 412 537 053 to Refresh your Thinking.

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Your first step is to sign up for your FREE coaching session and together we will create brand-new refreshing results in your career.


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