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The Art of Assertiveness in Leadership with Katrena Friel

About this Episode

Embark on a truly transformative journey with Katrena Friel in the latest episode of the Matrix Green Pill podcast. From her dreams of ballet to her rise as a revered coach, Katrena shares her inspiring path infused with spirituality and practical wisdom. Explore her acclaimed "Becoming the Expert" program, designed to fast-track leaders to success in just 90 days. Delve into her coaching philosophy and gain profound insights on overcoming personal and professional barriers. Tune in for a dose of empowerment and practical strategies for growth. Listen now for an enlightening conversation with Katrena Friel that will leave you inspired and motivated.

About Katrena Friel

Katrena Friel is not your ordinary speaker – she's a powerhouse of inspiration and transformation. With accolades ranging from international keynote speaker to award-winning author, Katrena brings a dynamic and empathetic approach to every interaction. Her expertise in personal and professional development is unmatched, often leaving audiences with profound insights they've never encountered before. Katrena's mission is clear: to inspire, align, and activate individuals towards their highest potential. With her, expect not just a talk, but a giant leap forward in your evolution. Prepare to feel empowered, refreshed, and equipped with newfound clarity and confidence. If your company values authenticity and growth, Katrena is ready to flick the switch on engagement.

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