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1 To you the Dreamer

20 years ago, I left corporate Australia, because I had a dream of becoming a speaker.

I was an Activated Life Long Learner and had been activated at 25 years of age by my spiritual teacher and coach.

I am now 50 years of age and want to show you my journey and how to do it without it taking you 20 years to get to where I am now. I want you to only take 6-12 months.

When I left my J O B, I wrote a biography of what I wanted to become. I still use that biography today. It’s the one that starts with:

“Katrena is one of the brightest minds in training and coaching today……”

I wrote it, I lived it, and then I became it. You too, will write something audacious. I promise, you too, will grow into it. More about how to make magic happen in your business, throughout our journey together.

I encourage you to write your biography, of what you want to become, so that I know when my training has worked, and you have fully stepped into that vision of yourself.

I remember, looking up at those people on the stage and thinking, I want to be like you. I remember feeling, somewhere deep down, that I could do that. I remember feeling scared, anxious, doubting myself and being a little jealous of their lifestyle and freedom.

Make a pact with yourself and trust that you didn’t come across me for no reason.

I believe that I am meant to help people, do what I do. I want to help you become business savvy and live a life of freedom.

There is no better feeling than being up there on stage, in front of a group of people and teaching. It is the best natural high on the planet. I can be buzzing for days afterwards.

I love to inspire, motivate and kick people up the bum and get them moving into action. I will get you there, you just have to make the first leap. I will hold you, push you and pull you up the rest of the way.

I have endless energy, because I am doing what I love. So tap into that.

I have millions of ideas to share with you about your business.

You and I will end up as friends, confidants, business associates and strategic partners. I will give you everything I’ve got to make your dreams a reality and to ensure you get out of your own way, when needed.

Call anytime to discuss. If you have a partner, I am also happy for them to talk with me about getting their questions answered as well. This type of investment in time and money, requires the support and understanding of your significant other.

I look forward to working with you and having lots of laughs along the way. One of my philosophies is, it has got to be FUN otherwise don’t bother!

I believe teaching for a living, is the best job in the world. Low overheads, high returns, working from anywhere, travel the world, people pay your expenses and at the end of every day, people applaud you, want you to sign their book and take a photo with you.

What other job delivers all that without any of the hassles of being famous?

Warmest regards,

Katrena Friel


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