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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Without a big vision to keep us focused and one that we resonate with strongly, fear, anxiety, financial dysfunction and disorganisation ensue.

It is also our Creative Force and where your purpose is fully realised. The Creative Vision you and the Universe want to co-create together.

In business, we use our vision statement to awaken the creative force and determine your creative vision. Set up our direction so the universe can deliver what we specifically envision here on earth.

Without a vision, the universe will deliver something, but it might not be what you wanted, because your order wasn’t clear. The vision statement is your direct and clear instructions to the Universe.

You may already have a vision for your business. Or you may be thinking about this for the very first time.

Without a vision for your business you will lack direction and we want you to have a big picture of where you want to go, so you know when you have arrived.

This vision maybe something you have never seen before or you might see it regularly but do nothing about it. IT’S TIME! Visualise what you see your life and business delivering to the world, as if it is already accomplished. What is your vision of what you can offer your clients. Put this vision into your own words.

A vision statement is sometimes called a description of your business in the future. Your vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning and decision making.

What you are doing when creating a vision statement is articulating your dreams and hopes for your business. It describes what you are aiming to build and serves as a starting point for your future actions.

A vision statement is your personal vision and your business vision with clarity. The vision statement answers the question, "Where do you want to go?"

Think big picture. Don’t put any limits on yourself during this process.

We will get into the how later, for now, think big.

That statement then determines what we do next to fulfil it.

Here is a sentence starter to help you, just fill in the blanks:

Here is an example so you can be inspired. Have a look around at other business ones in and out of your industry for further inspiration (only if you need it). You may find this exercise easy, as you already might have a clear vision of what you want your business to be.

To create a global education platform specialising in Spiritual Development for woman who want to change the world.


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