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WEBINAR: MASTERCLASS | How to Become the Expert in your Field | Katrena Friel

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

If you want to easily attract your ideal clients and customers, without having to chase leads and burn yourself out not knowing where your next customer is coming from, then this Masterclass is for you!

Katrena Friel, from Refresh Your Thinking, teaches us how to position yourself as the Expert in your chosen field.

Katrena shares so much value in this Masterclass, including:

  • How to identify and use your natural personality type to your advantage

  • The key drivers that will tell you if you’ll be successful in business, and if you’re in the right business for you, or if you need to tweak

  • Katrena’s process that will attract people to you as an authority in your field

  • How to really use your story and past experiences to your advantage

  • The antidote to perfectionism and people-pleasing

  • Katrena’s explanation in how to TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

  • An amazingly simple tip to know the EXACT price you should charge for your goods or services

  • A great philosophy for minimising anxiety and worry

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Enjoy, and don’t forget to join the conversation over in The #BizBabe Lounge facebook group!

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